Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands (and Everybody Loves The Beatles)

I must admit that I only became a fan of Elliott's work after his passing. It wasn't that I didn't care for his music, I just hadn't heard his music. What a shame. I would've loved to have had the privilege to see this man perform, even though some of his performances were shaky, at best. Although many find his music to be utterly heartbreaking (likely because they know he killed himself and thus assume his music must be reflecting all of that inner pain), I don't get that vibe from his music. There is something incredibly beautiful and moving about his music if you can move past the tone of many of his songs.
Elliott, obviously influenced by The Beatles, covered a number of their songs from time to time. As I was downloading another one of his shows over the weekend, it occurred to me that I might as well post his Beatles covers here. They are all live versions, so the quality varies, but they are all listenable in my opinion. What could be better? Elliott Smith singing Beatles songs. Sometimes everything in life seems so right.

1. Blackbird
2. I Me Mine
3. Jealous Guy
4. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)
5. Isn't It a Pity
6. Long, Long, Long
7. For No One
8. Yer Blues
9. I'm So Tired

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Blackbird is actually an AAC file and if you have no idea what that means, you lose. Kidding, it means it will only play in iTunes, so if you don't have iTunes then you really lose...or you could just download it here.


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Here's Blackbird in MP3:

Elliott Smith Covers